IT outsource supervision

Acting like a buying agent for your IT outsourcing to make sure you get what you pay. Supervising the process of IT outsourcing. Our clients have saved a lot money after engaging with this service.

  • Have you paid $4000 to purchase a device which you can buy yourself with $1500?
  • Are you not familiar with IT and feeling headache to deal with your IT outsourcing vendor?
  • Are you not sure which IT solutions/products you should choose?
  • Have you paid $60 or more for creating an AD account which is just 1-2 minutes work?

Services include: Cost Review, Contract Review, Project Review, System Review and Quality Assurance

Discuss with us. Get save and get it right. (Free trial availble)

Client list

  • PROVIDA PTY LTD – A CRM and Web Tech solutions company based at Newtown