Google business solution

We provide implementation and training service of Google small business solution. Including business email system, business website, newsletters, Cloud Storage and so on. All systems are provided by Google which can guarantee the reliability and security.

  • Business email: Using the unique domain name as your email address like will show your professional image and brand to your customers.
  • Business cloud storage :  You do not need to purchase a standalone storage hardware and sit it in your office. We can setup this up and grant permission based on the structure of your company. You will have the world class storage which is reliable and being back up all the time. Also you can access your shared files from anywhere and any devices.

You can access them using your web browser or the official iPhone and Android Apps. This enables you to access emails, collaborate on documents in real-time and check your calendar from anywhere in the world. Google Apps is ideal for those who work in and out of the office.

So what does it cost? Just $5/user each month. You only pay for the number of users you need. Extra storage is also available for those with massive email inboxes or those who need to store large files in the cloud.

How can you get started on Google Apps? If you already use Outlook or Mac Mail, we suggest you get in contact with us who can help you migrate your emails into Google Apps. If you’re a new business and don’t have email accounts yet or have any other Google Apps questions, ask us, we’re here to help.

If you are interested in this Google small business solution and want to improve the efficiency and image of your business, please contact us and join the 5million business group who are enjoying this Google small business solution.

Would you like to try this Google apps for work?

There are 30 days free trial for all cool stuffs.

Client list

  • AUSBEYOND PTY. LTD. – An Immigration services company
  • GSW PROPERTY PTY. LTD. – A Building and construction company