Zoho requires set up and training to use, but you get features you won’t find in Nimble or Insightly, like email marketing, custom reporting, customer service case management, invoicing and more.

Zoho is a customizable CRM that offers many of the same capabilities as Salesforce but for a fraction of the price ($20 per user per month vs. $125 for salesforce). What this means is you can adjust the layout, change data fields and even add or remove features to your liking. You can build entirely custom pages from the admin panel, or integrate other Zoho apps with a single click to get tools like project management, accounting, website visitor tracking and more.

Comparing to other similar CRM software like insightly:
Insightly doesn’t offer the same level of reporting capabilities as a product like Zoho. Insightly don’t allow you to customize the layout, data entry or workflow rules as well as you can with Zoho or Salesforce. Also There’s no marketing automation tools.