The major point of resistance to the adoption of outsourced ICT services is the concept that organisations lose control over these processes, as they are handed over to a third party. This is a common misconception within the outsourcing field, as services should never be entirely handed over- as this does lead to a loss of control. The entire process should be carefully managed from both sides to ensure that expectations are met and disappointments avoided.

Disappointment and dissatisfaction can occur with incorrect or inefficient management of outsourced products and services, and companies that employ outsourced providers must bear in mind that they cannot simply forget about or neglect the outsourced processes and equipment.

The best way to deal with an outsourcing provider is to build a partnership
As good relationships will ensure that people within an organisation can work together as a synergistic team with the outsource provider. Support models, daily interactions, customer support and stakeholder management, as well as control over expectations from both parties are crucial to the success of any outsourcing initiative.

Managing the entire process is vital, from clearly defining expectations at the outset, to holding regular meetings and ensuring daily interaction with the outsource team. Organisations also need to ensure that they select the right outsource provider, and that the people at the firm are suitably certified and experienced on the platforms and equipment they are needed to work on. Services should be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organisation, from the agreed levels of service to the number of people on the ground at any point in time.

Only by building a mutually beneficial partnership and managing the process can businesses ensure that outsourcing helps them gain experience, skills and expertise rather than causing them to lose control over ICT processes, and that it continues to provide the expected effectiveness, efficiency and benefits.

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